Workplace Practices Audit

Audit checklist, with tick against "audit satisfactory",Are your employment practices, policies and procedures keeping abreast of best practice?  Are you uncertain that you are compliant with and even aware of ever-evolving California labor law?  You may have up to date policies, but are your supervisors and employees following them or are they creating an unknown risk for your business?

A periodic HR audit offers you the surety that your workplace practices reflect up to date requirements and minimize risk of employment practice violations.

Golden State HR offers two levels of support:

1.  Basic Audit:  GSHR will review policies and procedures, employment practices, required postings, documentation and files.  This includes safety as well as legal employment compliance.

2.  Premium Audit:  In addition to the elements of the basic audit, GSHR will analyze HR performance metrics against industry benchmarks (e.g. turnaround, time to hire), conduct focus groups to get employees opinions and perspectives around employment practices and conduct a workplace culture assessment that identifies your “prototype” and offers insight to make your workplace congenial and productive.

GSHR will provide a comprehensive analytical report and offer suggestions and possible solutions to areas of concern.  At the employer’s option, GSHR will produce and implement a remediation plan.  Implementation services are at an additional fee.