Tame Your Time!

Time is one of the universal things that most people don’t have enough of. yet we all have as much as there is.  When we look at the things that we have to do, want to do and should but don’t do, it is impossible for most of us to accomplish all of the “to-do’s”.  Some of us are so busy doing “things” that before we know it, so much time has past often leaving the important things still yet to be completed.  Many people agree that they need some skills training in the areas of time management and personal productivity.  Wouldn’t you love to achieve all of your goals, spend time enjoying things you love and still have al little time left over?  You can do it!  It will require a bit of “reprogramming” your time

The first thing to understand is that we have different styles of managing  time.  Some people like to  dive in and get things going, while others like to plan very methodically.  Some of us prefer to do the easy things first, while others want the big things off the plate ASAP.  There are those who procrastinate because they don’t like the task before them, while others, like myself, procrastinate because they want the task done perfectly, and that requires a block of focused time.  You may be one of those who love lists, and love to cross completed tasks off, while others prefer to be fluid, and assess tasks as they come.  The point is that it is important to understand your style and work with it, as well as understand the style of others in order to maximize team performance.