Human Resource Support Services

GSHR offers a full array of employment and development support services for the California-based business.  All are available at an hourly rate; project pricing is available for lengthy projects.  For all clients who subscribe to the monthly retainer, these services are available at a discount.

Hiring Coach for Small BusinessRecruiting Assistance

GSHR can implement a proven recruiting process to assure the best candidate is found, hired and onboarded successfully.  A robust sourcing and screening process will flag any potential issues that can cause havoc in the future.  A planned onboarding process will integrate the newly hired employee into the job and culture of the company successfully.

Termination Assistance

Having to terminate an employee for any reason can cause apprehension.  There are many real risks in terminating an employee, even if you have followed a progressive disciplinary process with plenty of documentation to back it up.  We help the you with corrective action, proper documentation, risk analysis and termination implementation to assure the process is justifiable, risk minimal and respectful.

maximize performance and leverage talentPerformance Management

Performance management is an all-encompassing practice that helps to maximize performance, leverage talent, remediate deficiencies and keep both the employer and employee working toward mutual goals.  A proactive, comprehensive review process keeps it all on track.  We recommend the Discipline Without Punishment philosophy to correcting problem behavior/performance.

Employee Development

Spotting and developing talent can be a highlight in any manager’s career.  GSHR helps you with employee development, starting with the recruitment process.  An employee’s potential can be realized with careful analysis, planning and execution.  This process doesn’t have to be expensive…we can help create a comprehensive plan that incorporates simple actions with training and education to put employees on the path to superstars.

One to Watch - LeadershipSuccession Planning

No business can afford to ignore a comprehensive succession plan; the lack of succession planning can destroy a business.  We utilize a process that assesses potential successors, identifies their development potential and implements a plan to assure that the right leadership is ready when the need materializes.

Workforce Planning

Every business must move with the times; nothing remains “business as usual” in these fast-changing times.  A successful business must plan ahead strategically; this includes changes in workforce numbers and talent.  We can help you assess your future people needs and start today to build for tomorrow’s demands.

CompensationCompensation Analysis/Structure Development

One facet of maintaining a competitive edge is knowledge of how employees’ salaries compare to market.  Some employees will leave for as little as a fraction of a dollar an hour, taking with them precious recruiting and training investments.  GSHR will conduct a thorough compensation analysis, revealing where a business stands to market, and make recommendations for changes along with an implementation plan.  We can also develop a salary grade structure, so that employees’ pay can move in a sensible way that meets the business’s needs.

Handbook and paperwork for the newly hired.

Handbook Development

In California, it is imperative to have clearly communicated policies.  We can assist you with developing legally complying policies that are customized to your business needs and discretions.  With ever-changing labor law, we can also regularly review and update an existing handbook.

Job Description Development

The basis for all employment activity is the job description.  It aids the recruitment and development process.  Best practice separates essential job functions from non-essential job functions and adds the physical requirements of the job.  We have the tools, templates and expertise to help develop practical job descriptions that work.

Audit checklist, with tick against "audit satisfactory",

Documentation Assistance

Every employment lawyer’s mantra is “documentation, documentation, documentation”.  It is essential for a successful defense in the event of a lawsuit or complaint.  It is also prudent to have a record of significant events involving employee actions.  Best practice says that employee files must be comprised of sections that house specific information, and access to each is dictated by need to know and confidentiality.  We can bring this best practice to the small business and aid in ongoing documentation needs.

Benefits Open Enrollment and Administrative Assistance

Benefits open enrollment is a cyclical event.  We can handle the open enrollment, relieving management of the hours needed to plan, execute and follow up on open enrollment.  We will work with your broker to help make open enrollment successful, and can work on an ongoing  basis if benefits administration is needed.

SafetySafety Compliance/Workers Comp Management

CalOSHA touches every business in California.  Knowing what standards a business is subject to and how to implement an effective safety plan is crucial for compliance.  Every business is required to have an Illness and Injury Prevention Program (IIPP).  We can assist with the needs analysis, development and implementation of such a program.

Unemployment Management

Unemployment insurance is like any other insurance – the greater the utilization, the higher the rates.  Ineffective management of unemployment benefits can cause a lasting, burdensome expense for the small employer.  We can help effectively manage claims and rates to save the small business an undue expense.

Sexual HarassmentHarassment Prevention Training

Although California AB1825 requires employers of 50 or more employees to conduct sexual harassment training to supervisors every two years, it is prudent to conduct this training to all employees, regardless of size.  We can help you fulfill this requirement with an effective and compliant training.

Employers have access to the following complimentary services through GSHR’s parent company, Global Genesis:

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  • Teambuilding
  • Facilitation
  • Management Development, Assessment and Coaching
  • Supervisory Skills Training
  • Merger and Acquisition HR Due Diligence
  • Other Soft Skills Training