Successes and Career Highlights


  • Created the first succession plan for a $22.5M publicly traded high-tech company with 544 employees.  The plan included leadership assessment, candidate selection, development plans, as well as contingency plans.
  • Assessed and planned an 18 month roadmap for new training and organizational effectiveness initiatives.
  • Orchestrated job rotation opportunities and internal mentorships for employee development.
  • Refined a recruiting process to be regarded as “best practice”.
  • Implemented a workers compensation claims management system, safety program and audit participation process for a large non-profit which drastically reduced the experience rating factor within one year and resulted in no lost-time accidents in the subsequent year.
  • Affected a reduction in an organization’s turnover rate, representing an improvement of 145% within one year, as well as a progressive decline for 2 successive years by systematically improving all HR processes.
  • Implemented a performance management system for a large East Coast electronics company with a flexible and objective performance evaluation process, coupled with an improvement/enhancement development plan.
  • Broadened and transformed existing policies to flexible and practical policies that best met organizational needs for a large manufacturer.
  • Drove a semiconductor manufacturing start up through high growth mode:  increased headcount from 75 to 750 within three years, expanding locally to a 24/7 operation and establishing business entities in Europe and Asia.
  • Instrumental in four acquisitions and one divestiture, consolidating/coordinating corporate subsidiary activities and completing a thorough HR due diligence.
  • Consistently maintained  a workers compensation mod factor under 1.0 by instituting a proactive safety committee, training and an aggressive incident investigation procedure for a high tech manufacturer.
  • As a liaison with a local rehabilitation facility, actively participated in successfully transitioning employees with physical disabilities into productive and satisfying jobs, receiving a community award for successful efforts.
  • Created an HR department in it’s entirety for a start-up, implementing processes, systems and staffing .